Integration and Accessibility

DISABLED PERSONS with a degree of disability of at least 50% are granted a price discount of 50%. Admission is only possible upon presentation of a disabled person’s pass. ACCOMPANYING PERSONS (if a B is entered in the disabled person’s pass) are also granted a 50% discount. For WHEELCHAIR USERS admission is free.

The stalls in Kammer 1 (Schauspielhaus), Kammer 2 (Spielhalle) and Kammer 3 (Werkraum) are accessible WITHOUT ANY BARRIERS. In the case of limited mobility please inquire at the box office about special features, e.g. accessible stage set.

Special places which can be converted as required are available for WHEELCHAIR USERS. Since the number of such places is limited they should be reserved at our box office no later than two days prior to the day of the performance. Please note: Free places for wheelchair users can only be acquired through our box office and not online.

Upon payment of a deposit, PERSONS WITH IMPAIRED HEARING can borrow wireless headphones or induction receivers for hearing aids for the respective performance at the cloakroom.

For inquiries please contact our box office at: +49/89 / 233 966 00