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Introductions and Artist Talks

Almost all productions include introductions featuring dramaturges and discussions with stage directors and actors. Here you will learn more about the development of a specific stage performance and you can participate by offering your praise and criticism, questions and comments.


Next date: 9th July, 5 pm

Every month, we offer guided tours (in German) behind the scenes of Münchner Kammerspiele to give you insights into the conception and staging of plays. The tour starts on a rehearsal stage, leads through the work shops and ends on the main stage of Kammer 1.

Meeting point: foyer of Kammer 2.

Free entry, tickets are available online and at the box office

Accessibility May

audio description, sign language, additional wheelchair space, surtitles

Several performances in May 2019 were accessible!
After the success of "Accessibility April" in 2017 and "Accessibility March" in 2018, many performances were offered accessible, i.e. with audio description, sign language, German surtitles and particularly many seats for wheelchair users.



Theatre workshop for PoC / People of Color

Workshop: Being white in all day live

with Julia Lemmle

​Empowerment Workshop for Black Women and Women of Color in English and German

with Dr. Stacie CC Graham


With Dr. Stacie CC Graham

For Students


80 Euros for one year Kammerspiele

Cooperations with LMU

Department für Kunstwissenschaften

Artist Talks, conceptualized and moderated by university students from Munich.
*** Artist Talk for „Hochdeutschland“ by Kevin Barz on 27th June 2019
*** Artist Talk for „What They Want to hear“ by Lola Arias on 12th July 2018
*** Artist Talk for „Miranda Julys Der erste fiese Typ“ by Christopher Rüping on 14th June 2017
In Cooperation with the LMU's department of art sciences/ Johanna Winkler

*** Artist Talk for „Juliet & Romeo“ by Trajal Harral on 4th February 2018
Internship cultural mediation, Veronika Wagner


next date will be announced soon

Workshop with She She Pop

20 April, 10am to 2pm

20th of April 2018, 10 am - 2 pm

Open Call

Two boxing teams, one from Germany, one from Ghana, compete against each other in a theatre. Based on the idea of the boxing match as a ritualized confrontation between the opponents in order to become friends, the festival FRIENDLY CONFRONTATONS is dedicated to the role of art institutions for a diverse society in a globalized world. The festival focuses on various creative perspectives from a global diaspora that come together with the idea of creating dialogues and new temporary spaces – spaces of encounter that question the traditional canon.

26- 29 September 2019

With Anta Helena Recke and Verena Regensburger, there are two young female directors producing in the opening of the season 19/20 at the Münchner Kammerspiele.

To celebrate this, we are taking this opportunity to hold a KammerCAMPUSSY: A weekend of exchange between soon-to-be theaterwomen of the Otto-Falckenberg-School and the Zurich Univerity of the Arts as well as input by female dramaturges, performers, directors, authors and fine artists.

With Sylvia Sobottka (ZhdK), Caroline Schlockwerder (OFS), Antje Prust

(Workshop Performance as Witchcraft), Maxi Obexer (Schreibwerkstatt), Laura Lang and Mira Sacher (Wiki Edit-a-thon) as well as Anta Helena Recke, Verena Regensburger, Valerie Göhring, Anna Gschnitzer, Lola Fonsèque, Tunay Önder, Julia Riedler

Kammercampus #20

13-16 June 2019: Politics of algorithms – Art, Life and Artificial Intelligence

Accompanying the festival, theatre scholars of both the LMU Munich as well as the Ruhr-Univerity of Bochum meet for interchange. In addition to Performances, Installations and Talks guests can partake in Workshops with Christiane Schwinge and Georg Werner.

The master class of the festival POLITIK IM FREIEN THEATER will observe, discuss, criticise and experiment: 12 people, 11 days.
Students between the age of 20 and 30 who are interested in political theatre - and especially the connection between cultural and political education - are invited to apply now!

Kammercampus #16

25-27 May 2018: POST-HEIMAT

From 25 to 27 May, there will be kammercampus on the topic “Theatre and Post-Heimat” with students from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen / Theatre Studies, University Göttingen / Ethnology, University Frankfurt / Dramaturgy, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama London and Hochschule München / Soziale Arbeit in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft



Accompanying the project 1968, students from Dortmund and Munich will be looking for their revolutionary potential.

Kammercampus #13

8-10 December 2017: SCHWER VERMITTELBAR

Mit Prof. Birgit Mandel (Universität Hildesheim), Prof. Dorothea Hilliger (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig), Veronika Wagner (Ludwig Maximilians Universität München) und Studierenden der 3 Hochschulen sowie Sara Dahme. In Kooperation mit dem Lenbachhaus (Martina Oberprantacher und Charlotte Coosemans

KammerCampus #12

20th- 22nd OCTOBER 2017 Appropriate Representation

Speeches, workshops and symposium about questions regarding representation and diversity in cultural institutions accompanying Anta Helena Reck's copy of "MIttelreich".

KammerCampus #11

The Political and the Art

with Cesy Leonard (Zentrum für politische Schönheit), Joanna Warsza (Public Munich Art 2018), Stephanie Weber (Lenbachhaus), Chto Delat, Ersan Mondtag u.v.a.


students of theatre studies / Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (Prof. Dr. Ulf Otto), Klasse Olaf Nicolai der Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Julia Maier), sociology / Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität / Lehrstul II Lessenich (Robert Jende)
Special Guest: Studierende der Klasse für "Art & Social Practice" der Portland State University


24-26 Nov 2016: TEACHING ACTION

In the frame of the festival ENDSTATION SEHNSUCHT. THEATER IN MEXIKO: EIN FESTIVAL ÜBER FLUCHT, IDENTITÄT UND DIE DARSTELLBARKEIT VON GEWALT teachers and scientists from Mexico and Germany meet to discuss possibilities of eduction in the field of performing arts. Which theatre do we aim for and what should the schools look like to achieve this? The campus will also visit the 3 big theatre schools/insitutions in Munich such as the Otto-Falckenberg School, the Akademie August Everding as well as the institute for theatre studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians University.
Moderated by ausbau.sechs (Linda Löbl und Sebastian Linz)

KammerCampus #4

17-21 Feb 2016: EUROPOLY MASTER CLASS - Training for Europe

On the occasion of the EUROPOLY festival in Munich (17 to 21 February 2016) the Münchner Kammerspiele in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut offered a master class to young artists from the five participatory cities Athens, Dublin, Lisbon, Munich and Vilnius. 3 up and rising performers and theater makers from each of the 5 countries were invited to meet, discuss, exchange on contemporary theatre and performance. The maximum age is 28 years.

For children and youngsters


Olymp 2019

100 kids and teenagers explore, make music, performe, film, dance and write, laying the foundation for their own Mount Olympus. They are supported by the artists Nadim Bahsoun, Friedrich Greiling, Christiane Huber, Krystel Khoury, Tanja Krone, Suli Kurban, Valerie Liegl, Denijen Pauljević, Verena Regensburger, Isabel Schwenk, Yana Eva Thönnes and Oliver Zahn.

Ostercamp #3

On the road 2018

Where am I from? Where do I go? Does a jaguar see more of the world than a snail? 100 kids and teenagers travelled and explored new paths, collected stories, founded a company for Social Tourism, shot and lived a roadmovie and did their thing. Who was the most daring? Who returned as someone else? They show you!

Ostercamp #2

Swapping and Sharing 2017

An apple for an egg. A slap in the face for an insult. Native language for haircolour. Experieces for dreams. Our whole lives are made up of trades. 100 kids and teenagers combined forces: Changing brains und sharing skills to explore selflessness and egoism. Does poetic justice win after a week of artisitic work or is the jury still out? Cotton candy has become rare and the mandrake hangs high. We share with you!

Ostercamp #1

Future Factory 2016

They are back from the future. Bravery, risk, adrenaline: 100 kids and teenagers risked everything. They questioned scientists, photographed prophecies, pushed borders, sang together in boxes (Hell yes! Please fasten your seatbelts - Riot!), followed their own selfie with a camera, danced, fought and performed.

Young people between 14 and 21 years of age set up the Kammerspiele to create theater. Supported by professionals, they develop competences in a wide variety of theatrical fields, such as drama, directing, dramaturgy, set design, light, sound and video technology.

For school classes

​Stoyanov's office hours

Mr. Stoyanov takes over class, which is bound to be a spectacle: insights into the work of an actor, sidekick for Faust, Die Räuber and Co., background information on productions of the Kammerspiele, a plea for theatre in general! Mr. Stoyanov is an actor you can touch, he is part of the Kammerspiel Ensemble, he is subjective and is looking forward to gossiping and more with the students that want to know what the deal with the theatre is. You can book a 45 minute visit by Mr. Stoyanov.

Performance Workshop

before or after your visit

guided tour

For Teachers

​Theatre curriculum

Our best plays for a young audience

Theatre Conference

for teachers

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the schools's "vanguard"

School projects

250 Kids and teenagers at six partner schools explore in interdisciplinary class projects the value(s) and life in the prosperous city of Munich. They are supported by their teachers, experts and artists. Innovative forms of political, economic and cultural education, resulting in diverse artistic-medial perspectives and outcomes in the shape of videos, theatre, sound and a song.

For THREE weeks the students of the Montessorischool in the Olympiapark spent part of their classes in the theatre's attic. Together with the group "FUX" they went on a discovery journey and spent all their time on protesting and complaining. They whine as much as they can and work on making the first "Granteloper".
They shared their results with an audience on October 20th at 8:00PM in the attic of the Münchner Kammerspiele




after "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

She is coming! Our Kläri! Now Claire. She is the wife of Justin Bieber and student at the Ludwig-Thoma-Realschule. As the school has declared bankruptcy, she is meant to renovate the building with her husbands money. Her Ex, Alfie, the cool and beloved employee at the cafeteria is supposed to make the tzransaction possible. Will he be able to save the school? And at what cost?

Romeo und Julia for fu*king ever and ever!

​What is romance in theatre?

What is romance in theatre? ROMEO and JULIET!
Two people, that truly love eachother, kill two others and then themselves. Is that true love or blinding passion? How romantic does love stay, when the drama starts to repeat itself over and over again?



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Elina Gibson
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