Have you seen „Der Vater“ under the direction of Nicolas Stemann already? Today you have the opportunity!

In 1887, Strindberg’s “The Father” premiered in Copenhagen. This play was not the first in which the Swedish playwright expressed his scepticism about an emerging feminist movement, which in his eyes was too far-reaching in its demands. He places a father at the centre of the action: first of all, as master of the house, who by law and tradition rules over the family finances, but also the education of his daughter. But towards the end, he loses out the most, worn down by women’s demands on him and those of a (patriarchal) society on his existence as a man. Finally, his wife’s (alleged) conspiracy drives him to madness.

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1. Oct 19, 20:00 - 21:50 Hrs
18. Oct 19, 20:00 - 21:50 Hrs