The April-Calendar is online.

April will be a month of premieres, because we have three of them on offer.

The starting shot will be fired on April 19 with "Wunde R" in the production of Felix Rothenhäusler. In this commissioned work for the Münchner Kammerspiele, author Enis Maci deals with injuries that have been inscribed in female bodies over the centuries.

It continues on April 24 with the world premiere of "Mal - Embriaguez Divina". Choreographer and director Marlene Monteiro Freitas explores evil in her production.

On April 26 "Oracle" closes the premiere marathon in Kammer 2. The new piece by Susanne Kennedy and Markus Selg explores the transformative power of paradoxes with the help of artificial intelligence. In an installative setting, they continue their research into the possibilities of a hybrid world in which the human as identity is no longer at the center, but rather connects with digital avatars, intelligent machines, all possible states of being and beings.

Put your favourite ideas on the calendar right now. The advance sale starts on 03 March.