Martin Valdés-Stauber


Martin Valdés-Stauber, born in Kaufbeuren (Germany), studied sociology and economics in Munich, Friedrichshafen and Berkeley. He dedicated his research master at the University of Cambridge to migration studies and urban research and has been active in these fields as a lecturer ever since. At Kammerspiele he first collaborated with Philippe Quesne (“Caspar Western Friedrich”) and the director-duo Prodromos Tsinikoris/Anestis Azas (“Hellas München”). In the season 2017/18 he was coordinating the cooperation with the free theatre groups as production manager. Together with Helena Eckert and Christoph Gurk he curated “X Shared Spaces” an exploration of three Munich districts using the means of performative arts. 24 art collectives and visual artists (among others Chris Kondek/Christiane Kühl, Franz Wanner and Henrike Iglesias) elaborated works in spaces, which are being transformed with digitalization. Most recently, collaborations with Stefan Kaegi (“Uncanny Valley”) and Rabih Mroué (“Kill the Audience) followed.

Since the season 2018/19 Martin Valdés-Stauber is a permanent dramaturge at the Münchner Kammerspiele.