Kammer 1


by Philippe Quesne

Director: Philippe Quesne


“Caspar Western Friedrich” combines the epic elements of the western film genre with the metaphysics of Romantic visual arts. Inspired by the iconic lonesome cowboy as well as the paintings and the very personality of the artist Caspar David Friedrich, a huge landscape is unveiled by the ropes and pulleys onstage. Reminiscent of the paintings of the German Romantic period, the landscape serves as symbol for an internalized and externalized state. It plays with the matters provided by nature, transpires from the plasticity of the wafts of mist and the fragility of gasiform aggregates while it shimmers below a liquefied sun.

“Caspar Western Friedrich” meanders in the direction of the unreachable horizon and questions the place of modern man in the world. Proceeding from the collective visual memory of the western movie and its pictorially compelling reflection, the production presents our relationship to nature, oscillating between the desire to dominate it and the wish to protect it, between conquest and contemplation, between exploitation and ecology.

Philippe Quesne conceives and stages performances which are based on a strong connection between space, set design and the bodies which occupy the stage. His multi-disciplinary performances can be seen at international festivals. Since 2014 he has been director of the Theater Nanterre – Amandiers in Paris.

In coproduction mit Nanterre‑Amandiers, centre dramatique national.


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Peter Brombacher, Johan Leysen, Stefan Merki, Julia Riedler, Franz Rogowski

Artistic collaborators

Elodie Dauguet , Léo Gobin


Philippe Quesne

Stage Production

Philippe Quesne

Stage design

Philippe Quesne


Philippe Quesne, Pit Schultheiss


Johanna Höhmann

Premiere on 28. January 2016