Kammer 1


By William Shakespeare

Director: Nicolas Stemann


Premiere: 09 October 2015

For the last time: 03 January 2018

Shakespeare takes us to a world which is governed by nothing but money. Everything, even love, is happily taken to the market: life is a dance around the golden calf. And in the end everybody gets away with it. Since one person passes a test of love and another person can be made to take the sole blame for being guilty. This foreign other person had charged interest for granting loans and insisted on payment of said interest. For this he shall be made to pay. He shall be stripped of everything but his life. Even though the life he is left with is likely to be worthless – devoid of money and love. Without a homeland.
Nicolas Stemann is one of the most important stage directors of his generation. Starting with the 2015/16 season he will be in-house director at the Münchner Kammerspiele. In addition to “The Merchant of Venice”, he will also bring Elfriede Jelinek’s “Die Kontrakte des Kaufmanns ff.” (The Merchant’s Contracts) and the debut performance of “Wut” (Rage) to the stage.

With English surtitles. For our seating recommendations please click here.


Hassan Akkouch, Niels Bormann, Walter Hess, Jelena Kuljić, Julia Riedler, Thomas Schmauser

Stage design assistance

Daniel Unger

as well as

Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel

Live video

Vanessa Ivan, Claudia Lehmann, Lilli Thalgott


Claudia Lehmann

Stage Production

Nicolas Stemann

Stage design

Katrin Nottrodt


Jürgen Tulzer


Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel


Marysol del Castillo


Benjamin von Blomberg

Premiere on 09. October 2015