Kammer 1


by Anton Tschechow

Director: Nicolas Stemann


Let’s begin with an inventory: The cherry orchard stands for beauty. It is vehicle of tradition and self-assurance. It is priceless and immaterial. But the cherry harvest also used to be a profitable, rock-solid currency. It secured the income of the landowner Lyubov Ranjevskaya and her family as well as giving them a prominent position in society. But their prosperity is now in jeopardy. The market price of cherries is plummeting. What’s more, the family’s cultural and creative dominance is in decline. Others want a slice of the cake. The merchant and social upstart Lopachin, for example, who has plenty of new money to burn and who has picked up the scent of big business. Or vagabonds passing through, people of no fixed abode who try to assert their claims. There does not seem to be a way to make common cause among all these factions. The obstacles between them are insurmountable. Everyone sticks to their guns, and to their version of the history and vision of the cherry orchard.

After productions of “The Merchant of Venice” and the premiere of Jelinek’s “Wut”, resident director Nicolas Stemann now brings Chekhov to the stage, which marks a return to his roots: his final-year assignment at the Theaterakademie Hamburg in 1997 was “TerrorSpiel”, a play based on “The Seagull” by Anton Chekhov.

With English surtitles. For our seating recommendations please click here.

Premiere on 27. January 2017