Sonstiger Raum



On May 19th people from Berlin and many other German cities take part in THE MAnY's demonstrations: UNITE & SHINE.

As their first big event, THE MANY in Munich will join the demonstration „Ein Europa für Alle. Deine Stimme gegen Nationalismus“. THE MANY will reclaim public spaces like Königsplatz and Odeonsplatz with installations involving golden thermal blankets and thereby rededicating them with their trademark.

The thermal blankets are a symbol for those threatened by war, the non-negotiable right for asylum and a life in dignity and prosperity that is due to all people. The blankets are collected afterwards and get pressed into a golden block. This object will hold good the demonstration’s message and will put down a marker against littering the public space.

THE MANY invite all people from Munich to join and appear golden and shiny. Along the demonstrations's route THE MANY will provide golden accessories and make-up.

Kickoff in Munich is at 12 pm at Odeonsplatz.

All info about The Many here.