Kammer 3




“Men” eat steaks. They drink beer. They belch. They don’t use serviettes. They could “eat a horse”. They burn more energy. “Women,” on the other hand – “women” eat eye-catching salads, and muesli for breakfast. They’ll only have a little slice of cake. They go on low-carb diets. They know what’s healthy. They’re already “full up to here.” They starve. “Women” cook, “men” eat. Lots of sexism in my Schnitzel. The queer-feminist theatre collective Henrike Iglesias says: Bullshit! We’re hungry, and we’re stuffing ourselves! In their cooking show, the four performers serve up the public’s obsession with food, do cooking competitions and wonder when our constant preoccupation with food began – and how, at thirty-something, women can still be living in fear that someone might tell from their bodies that they’re not in control of their lives. And all that with their mouths full.

Concept, Text, Performance

Henrike Iglesias

Stage design

Eva G. Alonso, Anna Fries


Mascha Mihoa Bischoff

Light and video design

Eva G. Alonso

music and sound design

Malu Peeters


Anna Gschnitzer
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Premiere on 28. April 2019