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Director: Yael Ronen


After “Point of No Return” at the Kammerspiele, the Israeli director Yael Ronen returns with a production that examines our origins, the book where life supposedly started: the First Book of Moses –Bereshit in Hebrew and Genesis in ancient Greek – describes the creation of the world. It first turns to God, the director and creator of the world (Gen. 1,1 – 1,3). The mythic allegories of Genesis are interpreted frequently and controversially, and at the same time they form the roots of Western culture. In metaphors and symbolism, Genesis tells, for example, how woman was made from the rib of man. Is this the root of a patriarchal world order? And why is God generally perceived as a male being? Together with the Kammerspiele ensemble, Yael Ronen explores individual fragments of Genesis to explore how biblical images have influenced us and what they mean to us today. While Genesis, like many other myths, was read to provide orientation and identity in archaic cultures, Yael Ronen’s production is based on the perspective that we take up on individual topics – and what has become of the world which God gave people at the beginning of Genesis. Many current topics can be traced back to the Bible: control over nature, the gender debate, themes of jealousy and violence, all the way to the question of whether humanity, with its love of technological progress, is in the act of reaching for forbidden fruit. Yael Ronen and the ensemble’s version of Genesis proposes a new perspective on individual themes in the book and continues to write the story of the people – the people on stage.

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Premiere on 28. October 2018

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