Kammer 2


by William Shakespeare

Director: Christopher Rüping


He was only 17 when he turned his back to the world. He started reading books and withdrawing from his friends, he changed his eating habits and began to provoke the women in his surrounding. Eventually he blamed his parents and all the other grown-ups for the degeneration of a world that could only be saved by its own destruction. He made this his personal task. – In these or in similar words Hamlet’s story could be told if it happened today. Uncompromising and calculating – this is how Hamlet prepares his holy war. If man is not good enough, man has to go. If there is no hope left in this world, the world must go.
Starting in the season 2016/17, Christopher Rüping is an in-house director at the Kammerspiele. He presents his interpretation of “Hamlet” – Shakespeare’s work about a young radical, too intelligent to fall prey to desperation while his cold anger gives way to destruction – in Kammer 2.

ATTENTION: strobe effects are used in this performance. Some frequncies might cause epileptic attacks.


Katja Bürkle, Walter Hess, Nils Kahnwald

Stage Production

Christopher Rüping

Stage design

Ramona Rauchbach


Stephan Mariani


Christoph Hart


Anna Maria Schories


Katinka Deecke

Premiere on 19. January 2017