By Martin Sperr

Director: Martin Kusej


The smell of roast pork pervades the whole village. Half a cow hangs from a hook. Sausage meat is cooking in a large cauldron. The gravedigger, the refugee, the day laborer, the peasant, the village idiot and the butcher are seated on a bench in front of the inn and discuss the latest situation: “The gay swine” Abram has returned after his imprisonment in the city for doing the unspeakable with farmer Gruber’s laborer. Originally Martin Sperr wrote this drama for the cast of an entire village. The final version was created in 1967 and gave new and vehement impetus to the Bavarian folk play. Sperr uses a sharp, intricately crafted language which is reminiscent of Marieluise Fleißer. He depicts man in an evil, egotistic and fearful condition.