Kammer 2


EIN MANIFEST / BY MARTA GÓRNICKA / With new texts by katja brunner

Director: Marta Górnicka


For her first work at the Münchner Kammerspiele, the Polish director Marta Górnicka presents the world premiere of a libretto she herself arranged. It is a compilation of excerpts from theoretical texts, quotes from current political events, advertising blurb and new texts by the playwright Katja Brunner. Górnicka evokes images of our present in words by gathering up all the social “trash” blowing our – and her – way. Górnicka puts her libretto in the context of global inequality. In her production, this is formulated as a deeply ingrained imbalance that has arisen from history.
Not only is the existent inequality between men and women broached as a topic, but also the patriarchal world order as a structural problem. In Górnicka’s opinion, none of the feminist manifestos that are partly cited in the production have changed anything to date. On the other hand, everything outside the patriarchal order is excluded and declared as ‘other’ or ‘foreign’.

Gornicka believes that these mechanisms and tendencies towards social exclusion are becoming stronger, and through the choir as the voice of society, she examines forms of social expression. Trump makes an appearance in the production as a sad, comic clown and, at the same time, a symbol of world order to be taken seriously as it is the driving force behind right-wing parties and reactionary thinking.

The production’s title “To Each His Own” stands for the danger of fascist mechanisms which, albeit in a different form, either still exist or are threatening to build up again.
The original phrase, which dates back to antiquity, was used in the field of jurisdiction and is based on the concept of justice; however, it was corrupted by the National Socialists' misuse. It appeared (in German “Jedem Das Seine”) above the entrance to Buchenwald concentration camp, turning the original meaning on its head to manifest one of the interpretations of National Socialist ideology: namely, the dehumanisation of people. The term “to each his own” was twisted into a cynical interpretation meaning “to each his lot” – a brutal justification of the injustice perpetrated against those persecuted under the Nazis.
Marta Górnicka takes up the ambivalence and ambiguous cultural nature of this phrase by asking how, after Europe’s profound 20th-century historical caesura, a new, more equal world order can be created.

While the earth continues to be robbed of its resources, while the world is energised by a belief in technological progress, and while societies and nations increasingly isolate themselves, it is clear that the utopia of creating a just world has not yet been achieved.
As in many of her past productions, Marta Górnicka’s work creates a community, which in this case is made up of actresses from the Kammerspiele ensemble, audience members and Munich residents from different backgrounds. With Bach’s cantata “Nur jedem das Seine ...”, (Only to Each His Own) this choir presents itself as a social counter-model, standing for potential diversity and coexistence among all kinds of people.

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Liliana Barros, Yasin Boynuince, Serena Buchner, Caroline Corves, Leonard Dick, Carmen Engel, Dana Greiner, Marta Górnicka, Maya Haddad, Thekla Hartmann, Antonia Hoffmann, Marion Hollerung, Stacyian Jackson, Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Laura Kupzog, Kim Nguyen, Moritz Ostruschnjak, Gina Penzkofer, Susanne Popp, Melanie Pöschl, Corinna Quaas, Anne Ratte-Polle, Theresa Schlichtherle, Samantha Schote-Ritzinger, Zoë von Weitershausen, Gülbin Ünlü

composition and rehearsal

Polly Lapkovskaja


Andreas Volk

dramaturgy assistant

Agata Adamiecka-Sitek


Anna Godowska

Stage Production

Marta Górnicka

Stage design

Robert Rumas


Charlotte Marr


Sophia May, Nicole Marianna Wytyczak


Johanna Höhmann

In co-production with

Maxim Gorki Theater
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Premiere on 28. May 2018