von Lot Vekemans

Director: Johan Simons


"Judas" is about a man whose name is synonymous with betrayal; a man who has been universally vilified for centuries. But without this man and without his Judas’ kiss, Christianity would never have become one of the great religions in the world. Every age has speculated about Judas and his motives. After two thousand years it is about time for Judas to have his own say: He stages a last effort to reduce his act to a human level and to take the audience where they rather would not be: to the Judas in themselves.

„I think we take a unilateral direction of our view of heroes, of what we consider to be greater and higher and better than we are ourselves. We love to adore as much as we love to be adored. But in either case we abdicate our power to somebody else. Judas is scorned by people so that they can exculpate their own souls. It is striking that the portraits that have been created in the course of the centuries have depicted Judas in an increasingly ugly and vile fashion.“ (Lot Vekemans)


Steven Scharf

Stage Production

Johan Simons

Stage design

Bettina Pommer


Wolfgang Göbbel


Maarten Schumacher


Henriette Müller


Julia Lochte