Kammer 3



Director: Rabih Mroué


This evening turns the view to the audience away from the stage. Which relationships are established in theatre with the audience? Starting point of this evening is Weiss’ “Viet Nam Discourse”. Its politically agitational staging in 1968 at the Munich Kammerspiele was aimed directly at the audience: What does it mean to attend a political theatre show? Taking the demands of the play literally, at the end of the performance the actors collected money for the Vietcong. This was followed by a veritable showdown between the directors Peter Stein and Wolfgang Schwiedrzik as well as the artistic director August Everding. Fifty years after the conflict, Mroué explores the role of the audience on the same site – in the former workshop of the Kammerspiele. Can there still be an audience when theatre turns into the street, into a place of open political debate? In his reflexion Mroué is not asking what should happen on the stage, but inquires which relations between stage and audience are hereby produced. “Kill the Audience” is Rabih Mroué’s third production at the Münchner Kammerspiele. After “Ode to Joy” (2015), “Rima Kamel” (2017) celebrated its premiere as part of the director’s retrospective at the Kammerspiele.

ATTENTION: strobe effects are used in this performance. Some frequncies might cause epileptic attacks.

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Zeynep Bozbay, Eva Löbau

Live music

Marja Burchard, Maasl Maier


Bettina Katja Lange, Rabih Mroué

Stage Production

Rabih Mroué


Charlotte Marr


Maasl Maier, Leo Winstel


Martin Valdés-Stauber

Premiere on 12. December 2018

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