Kammer 3


Opera in two acts by Vincenzo Bellini and Felice Romani

Director: David Marton

Musical Theatre

Premiere: 29 January 2016

For the last time: 29 December 2019

“From time to time, it’s time to leave”, sings Andreas Spechtl from the band Ja, Panik on his new solo album “Sleep” (see concert on January 22, Kammer 2). Put down your weary head. Sleep late. Finally. But what if sleep no longer is the remote island of bliss, but that time when the noise of the world spills over? Where can we find rest, if not even sleep lives up to its promise?

An ensemble of restless souls who have left their homeland and surrendered themselves to music betake themselves to the only seemingly tranquil world, the domain of sleep which the Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini created almost 200 years ago for a daydreaming girl named Amina. In “La Sonnambula” and together with the Hungarian producer David Marton, who for many years has brought opera and theater in touch with one another, the musicians set off for the world of slumber where nobody will find peace and quiet from the noise, but where music may be able to counteract the cacophony. A notion pops up, and be it only a note that will not fade away. For one moment.

Premiere on 29. January 2016