Kammer 1


The Lange Nacht der neuen Dramatik takes place for the 4th time in order to give a public forum to activities that usually take place in the background, in dramaturgical circles and publishing houses: to discover plays that demand to be staged under any circumstances.

The names of this year’s talents are Sophia Hembeck and Svenja Reiner (“René Pollesch #Twittergott”), Joël László (“Wiegenlied für Baran”), Frederik Müller (“Den größten Blumenstrauß der Welt”), Nele Stuhler (“Fische”) and Wilke Weermann (“Abraum”). They are all linked by the fact that they are under 35 years of age, they so far have not staged more than two works at the theater and they are not yet represented by any theatrical publisher. They were selected from many submissions by a jury consisting of Guido Huller (Drei Masken publishing house), Hans-Georg Küppers (Head of the Culture Department of the City of Munich), Jakob Lass (film director, “Love Steaks” and others), Caroline von Lowtzow (Bayern 2/Zündfunk) and Christopher Rüping (stage director and in-house director at the Kammerspiele from the 2016/17 season). Now their texts will be presented at the Kammerspiele. The entire ensemble is involved in these deliveries, which are consciously not acted out but done as readings. Your imagination will be required: What theatrical energy would be released by these dramas? Which directors would be suitable for bringing them to the stage? So, watch out theater makers: these plays have not yet seen their debut performance!

The fact that in the course of this evening a jury sponsorship prize (EUR 10,000) and an audience prize (EUR 5,000) will be awarded, that acceptance to the Drei Masken publishing house is beckoning and that the latter will also grant two scholarships for EUR 2,500 each, that there will be winners among the winners, is almost secondary in this context. (We, however, express our sincere gratitude to the Edith and Werner Rieder Foundation for their generous support)!

A cooperation of the Culture Department of the City of Munich, the Drei Masken publishing house and the Münchner Kammerspiele.