Kammer 1


Based on the novel by Josef Bierbichler

Director: Anna-Sophie Mahler

Musical Theatre

Fragments of memories, notable characters, a village as seen through various generations, a family epic, everything and everybody shaped by last century’s turmoil of war. At the Seewirt, the local inn, time moves on, yet it stands firm – with everybody watching in the shadow of those experiences that have marked their lives. The director Anna-Sophie Mahler stages Josef Bierbichler’s novel, a musical theater where memories emerge in the face of death. With her group CapriConnection, Anna-Sophie Mahler has created unconventional projects of musical theater and processed complex subjects. As director she has staged productions at opera houses and theaters.

With English surtitles. For our seating recommendations please click here.


Thomas Hauser, Stefan Merki, Jochen Noch, Annette Paulmann, Damian Rebgetz, Steven Scharf

as well as

Kristin Elsen, Renate Krämer, Anna Molitor, Olga Renate Zang

At the grand piano

Bendix Dethleffsen, Sachiko Hara, Manfred Manhart, Stefan Wirth


Anno Kesting


Junges Vokalensemble München

Stage Production

Anna-Sophie Mahler

Stage design

Duri Bischoff


Pascale Martin

Musical direction

Bendix Dethleffsen


Jürgen Tulzer


Bendix Dethleffsen


Julia Selina Blank


Johanna Höhmann

Premiere on 22. November 2015