Kammer 2


By Reinhard Jirgl

Director: Felix Rothenhäusler


Premiere: 16 December 2015

For the last time: 03 April 2017

In his novel “Nichts von euch auf Erden” (Nothing of You on Earth), Reinhard Jirgl poses the question of mankind’s future. His vision: An elite group has emigrated to Mars in the 23rd century and returns 200 years later with the goal of taking over power from those who remained on earth. Jirgl construes a war of the worlds which takes place in the future, yet reflects our present time. Floods of refugees, technological progress, battle against terror, but also a utopia of humanity freed from its will for new creation are the issues of reflection when Jirgl’s poetry creates the 25th century.

Felix Rothenhäusler, in-house director at the Bremen Theater, will strive to give the future a place in our present time. With tremendous concentration on language and body, the new man may really see the light of the (theatrical) day.

Trailer in German: