The Performance is collaborative work of two performance-based artists, Javier Stell-Fresquez & Ivan Monteiro - bringing experience in a wide range of visual, vocal, physical and media arts. The performance is a "queering" of the word and the concept of MOTHER. Through queer-indigenous-of color lenses and bodies the duo explore and express the tense relationships around “motherhood,” while honoring the labor and heart of many kinds of mothers. To that end, the performance engage in a tender and complex study on how toxicity manifests in relationships between creature & creatrix and how these relationships mirror the post-colonial relationships of Mother Nature & Humans. Summoning our maternal lineages, we prismatically reflect the multiple facets of the verb "mother,” hoping to expose and transcend the pains inflicted within our communities, and offering apertures towards healing. Ivy Monteiro is performing for this evening an excerpt solo intake on Mother The Verb.