13-16 October 2016: with LUST from Helsinki

KammerCampus #7 with LUST from Helsinki

Subject: The Autonomous Actor (DAS)

All inclusive? How Münchner Kammerspiele went about opening itself to new modes of production and political content. Munich, 13–16 October 2016, Münchner Kammerspiele

One year ago, the theater Münchner Kammerspiele opened itself up even further to production companies and aesthetics from the independent scene. And it has now made a commitment to promoting both theater’s internationalisation and a strong focus on the reality of urban society in terms of content.

How does one manage this tightrope act of differing formats and topics? What do independent production and/or coproduction with and at an established institution mean? What opportunities and risks are involved? And what does this mean for the rest of the independent scene in Munich?

These questions are to be discussed in meetings with a range of artists, dramaturges, and curators/producers. And the three-day event The Greatest Show on Earth represents an opportunity to get to know several of the international independent scene’s most exciting artists in a new form of collaboration. So just how, then, is political theater to be produced in the independent scene and at a city-run theater?